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The Bass Rock has been described by Sir David Attenborough as 'one of the 12 wildlife wonders of the world' and Chris Packham has described 'this gannet-capped island' as the most exciting birding spectacle in the UK.

North of the Bass is rated as the third best cliff dive in Britain.

The style of the masonry corresponds to other old Culdee chapels throughout Scotland.

Any who do have occasion for the same may have them at reasonable rates.

It was from the Bass that Sir Alexander Ramsay sailed in 1358 with supplies to the besieged 'Black Agnes' in Dunbar Castle.

The Bass Rock is the closest sea bird sanctuary to the mainland and was the first to be studied by ornithologists during the 19th century, when they gave the Gannet the scientific name Sula Bassana, (Morusbassanus) incorporating the name of this rocky stack.

This is the largest 'single rock' colony of northern gannets in the world (the largest colony at St Kilda is scattered over three sea stacks).

The gentler slope to the south forms a lower promontory where the ruins of a castle stand dating back to at least 1405.

Where James the second son of Robert III, later to become James I was sent by his father until a vessel was found to transport him to France as the king's brother the Duke of Albany had designs on the throne.

With the strategic position of the Bass at the entrance to the Firth of Forth, Queen Elizabeth of England attempted to take the rock in 1548 and again the following year but both attempts failed.

King James VI stayed in the castle in 1581 as a guest of the new laird George Lauder of The Bass.

Albany tipped off the English who intercepted James's ship and imprisoned the prince in the Round Tower at Windsor for nineteen years.

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