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How is it someone can be saved and not look much at all like Jesus? Parents who helicopter over their kids, drawing meaning and identity from them. And, as Peter Scazzero writes in his book Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, Bold statement? Here are 11 qualities of an emotionally mature Christian. Two days later, after hours of digging, cutting and other plumbing crap (literally), I fixed the problem. Emotionally mature Christians don’t view people as projects. Christ-following people who believe they must fix and change everyone around them. Several months ago, I discovered something that started me on a journey towards a more healthy, Christ-centered life. Even though I knew the Bible well, prayed often, and valued Christ-centered community, I was an infant emotionally. In fact, This, I believe, is a missing component of spiritual formation in the American church. But until we understand why we’re anxious and fearful, until we can predict situations where we feel anxious and fearful, until we can separate emotions from logic, we will be enslaved to our emotions. But for the first time in my life, I have a picture of what it looks like.

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They know their limitations, and they’ve moved past trying to save the world.

They’re patient and hopeful, motivated by love to serve others.

Turns out the basement was filled with a foot of water. We called a plumber who said he charged $75 just to walk in the door. I sent pics to everyone, letting them know I, Frank Powell, fixed this problem. They don’t need their next door neighbor to change his ways before inviting him over for dinner. Emotionally mature Christians resist labeling conflict as “bad.” It’s hard, of course. “Fight or flight” – the way most respond to conflict – doesn’t solve conflict, resulting instead in emotional outbursts or a “head in the sand, conflict doesn’t exist because I don’t see it” perspective (which usually only creates more conflict).

Many Christians, myself included, equate peace and unity with conflict avoidance, which bucks against the ministry of Jesus.

But doing so requires empathy (an awareness of the other person’s feelings and situation), being in control of your emotions, and a focus on resolving rather than winning.

Emotionally mature Christians rise above the tit-for-tat, give-and-take, “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” culture where so many are content to live.“Sweeping stuff under the rug” doesn’t make conflict go away, and it’s certainly not Christian.Emotional maturity says you can deal with conflict in a way that brings both resolution and growth for both sides.So what traits are present in a spiritually mature woman?The following characteristics are often present in those who have cultivated a rich spiritual life. Jesus showed it to us perfectly when he stopped to talk to people along His way: the bleeding woman who boldly and desperately reached out to him for healing, he let the little children come to him, and he broke barriers of racism and sexism to grab a drink and speak with the woman at the well.Unless you know who you are, and find your identity in God, criticism will impact you – almost always negatively – because you’re tied to opinions of others.

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