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A mineralogical study of the jarosite phase formed during the autoclave leaching of zinc concentrate // Can.

The behavoiur of arsenic during jarosite precipitation: arsenic precipitation at 97°C from sulphate or chloride media // Can.

The behavoiur of arsenic during jarosite precipitation: reaction at 150°C and the mechanism of arsenic precipitation // Can.

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Microbial mineralization of magnetic iron minerals: microbiology, magnetizm and metal significance // Mineral.

Mineralogical and sulphur isotopic features of the supergene profile of Zapadno-Ozeraoye massive sulphide and gold-bearing gossan deposit, South Urals // Mineral.

Sorption and desorption of radiocobalt on montmorillonite — Effects of p H, ionic strength and fiilvic acid // Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 2008.

Determination of goslarite-bianchite equilibria by the humidity-buffer technique at 0.1 MPa // Chem.

Anatomy, evolution, and metallogenic significance of the supergene orebody of the Cerro Colorado porphyry copper deposit, I region, Northern Chile // Econ.

A new fossil vent biota in the Ballanhoe barite deposit, Silvermines, Ireland: evidence for intracratonic sea-floor hydrothermal activity about 352 Ma // Econ.

Temporal observation of the geochemistry and mineralogy of sulfide-rich mine-tailing impoundment, Heath Steele Mines, New Brunswick // Explor.

Blowes D., Jambor J., Appleyard E., Readron E., Cherry J.

Characteristics of leached capping and tecniques of apprisal // Advanced in Geology of the Copper Porphyry Deposits.

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