Team fortress stats not updating

Subsequent acquisition of a Duck Journal will permit a player to view the recorded score.

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Viewing the Duck Journal leaderboards, which may be done at any time by using the Duck Journal from the inventory, will display the Duck XP and Duck XP Levels in relation to the Steam Friends list.

There is also a section for showing the breakdown of the owner's Duck XP into the categories listed above.

This item has several features, including increasing the drop rate for ducks and displaying a counter labeled Duckstreaks during a Duck Journal event.

At any time, in an event or not, a Duck Journal owner may view the Duck Journal leaderboards and equip the Duck Journal as a Noisemaker.

The Duck Journal is a community-created action item for all classes.

It is a yellow, rubber duck, which attaches to the chest of the player wearing it, similar to a badge or medal.

Similar to a Noisemaker's action, using an equipped Duck Journal with the action item button will cause one of several Duck Collectors Bumper Car game quack sounds to play.

This action is available at any time, independent of events, with a cool down period between quacks.

Moreover, as an action item rather than a cosmetic item, a Duck Journal may be equipped at the same time as those items (however, clipping may be apparent).

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