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And if you’re missing those good old times of goofing around with them, you can still do that all through texting.

Texting games are not only fun distractions while commuting, out on a coffee break, or just when you need some time to unwind.

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One of you will start by texting a phrase, and you and your friends will take turns building on this phrase until you weave an incredible story that will make all of you laugh out loud in your own private little bubbles.

Just don’t mind those curious stares from people around you!

You can even make the choices hit home by choosing those within your friend’s social circle or office mates. And then, your friend can also do the same on his or her turn.

This game is also ideal if one of you is travelling to another place, making your connection go beyond the constraints of geography. A simple game that is a fun and naughty way to pass the time is “Would You Rather?

The one who can go the longest without losing character wins the game.

[Read: 36 racy, random funny questions for flirty guys and girls] #2 Movie Lines.Then, it’s your turn to guess their word, and this could go on until the one with the most points win.[Read: 20 revealing questions to get to know someone a lot better] #7 Name Game.A popular icebreaker, “20 Questions” can be crazier and more entertaining when done through text, especially on a painfully boring afternoon at work.Come up with a person, place, food, animal, or thing.Remember the characters you grew up watching and even emulating as teens or kids?

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