sex dating in tallevast florida - The mandates 25 real rules for successful gay dating

Nothing is ever as attractive to a man as a man who is interested and interesting without an agenda.6. Once you make eye contact, you need to hold it for five seconds.

Eric's initial efforts should have been all about getting Jess to meet him somewhere more intimate for a drink, so that he could pursue in a focused and personal setting.

Jerry, a thirty-four-year-old single stockbroker from Chicago, had a much different, more successful experience using eye contact and body language.

They were standing closer, saying everything that needed to be said through body positioning and stance.

By the time their eyes locked and they both said hello, they were already in the middle of a conversation that had begun with body language. They exhibited the perfect attitude blend of "part hunter, part hunted, part wanting, part could-care-less" that always wins when you are on the prowl.

Use body language to your best advantage by acting as if you are a dancer of the first order. look-alike you want to meet, you decide if you want the story to be "I want you now, I will have you, and you will love it" or "I am a complete moron incapable of even cursory, nonshaking interaction, and by the way, I am probably this awkward in bed, too." The attitude you choose is the one you'll project.

Dancers put all their emotions, feelings, and desires into self-contained movement and body language. Always Get the Card--Don't Give the Card(Or: At Least Control Freaks Don't Sit by the Phone Waiting)You meet a desirable guy and soon sense mutual attraction.

They continued this dance for about an hour, pacing around the bar like panthers, sizing each other up from every angle amid the smoke and disco.

After a while, they were comfortable enough to be physically near each other, talking to others but with palpable sexual tension between them.

It's essential to maintain interest, but you don't want to come off as needy, desperate, or an immediate sure thing.

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