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Optimistic and excitable, Danny Wallace (Brian Sacca) is the sweetest guy on the island, despite the fact that he almost immediately lies to the others about being a police officer.He cares about the well-being of the other survivors but probably shouldn’t be carrying the only gun on the island when he has no real firearm training.The Three Stooges are one of the few comedy acts of the black-and-white era that continue to attract fans and remain so firmly embedded in the popular culture that a fifteen second silent cameo depicting them as airport firefighters still provides one of the biggest laughs in decades after their heyday.

As the only surviving member of the Lotus Airlines flight crew, Owen O’Connor (Zach Cregger) is the de facto leader on the island.

Having served as a flight attendant for most of his adult life, Owen’s existence as a comfortable loner is shattered by the forced intimacy that comes with depending on strangers for survival.

A sports agent from Los Angeles, Pack Hara (Asif Ali) is the modern man whose skill set has been perfectly honed for our cosmopolitan world — but he has zero survival skills.

Though smart and conniving, living without modern comforts starts to chip away at his well-tailored veneer.

Despite a lifetime of taking crap from others back in New Zealand, kind Steve Rutherford (Rhys Darby) is happy to finally have some company that doesn’t totally ignore him.

He comes to recognize the island as a chance to live the life he’s always dreamed — even if that life means a diet that consists of a lot of wild boar.Network: TBS Episodes: Ongoing (hour) Seasons: Ongoing TV show dates: June 14, 2016 — present Series status: Has not been cancelled Performers include: Ally Maki, Will Greenberg, Brian Sacca, Asif Ali, Brooke Dillman, Jessica Lowe, Ginger Gonzaga, Rhys Darby, and Zach Cregger.TV show description: This TV series is a single-camera ensemble comedy about a diverse group of strangers who are stranded on a deserted island after a plane crash.Unfortunately, neither of these truly took advantage of The Stooges' already cartoon-like nature. Wikipedia has practically a small book on the team, their history and their impact. Trope-wise, it is hard to do slapstick without referencing the Stooges. Notably, the Groin Attack trope is not on this page.This could be an oversight or deliberate, due to Hays Code enforcement.Instructions: Click on an episode and select "open" if prompted. If it doesn't or if you receive an error message, download the free Real Player software and then come back here and try again.

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