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Before the series premiered in 2015, Amber told People in an exclusive interview, "There’s a lot of little-people shows, but I think our bigger message is nothing stops Trent and I...

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Brereton spent mid-March through mid-May residing in the matrimony mansion in suburban Los Angeles.

The place had six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a pool, a Jacuzzi and tennis courts, among other things.“When I got there, I thought it was going to be some reality show with one camera and some low-budget, minor show,” Brereton said. People everywhere, cameras everywhere.“It got really overwhelming for everybody.

Confidentiality agreements limit how much he can say about whether the show’s goals were achieved, for himself and for others.“As far as the weddings go, in the (video) trailers and the commercials, you see people in wedding dresses, so I can tell you that,” he said.“I still have a lot of friends in Peoria, and they think it’s hilarious I went and did this. They want to know what happened, and I can’t tell them. They’re looking forward to watching the show.”Whether more TV work is in Brereton’s future, after this initial effort, is uncertain.

He said he likes his firefighting job in suburban Chicago.

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With over 5000 happily married couples to our credit, we celebrate our 15 year anniversary this year with this exceptional offer. As of 2015, Trent worked as a grounds supervisor at a Georgia college.Amber, meanwhile, stayed busy as a stay-at-home mom.In fact, TLC is the only marriage agency in the world to publish a full color magazine featuring Latin women seeking single men.Every day we receive dozens of photos from lovely single Latin women seeking inclusion in our industry-leading photomagazine.Amber was born to average-sized parents, and married Trent when she was just 19, according to First Coast News.

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