Toxic friend dating ex gentle people dating

You've got to either forgive your partner for their wrongdoings or break up with them.

When my ex-girlfriend and I got into a fight, I would genuinely think it was all her fault, when really I was the one to blame 99 percent of the time. I mean, if you're unaware of your faults, how can you ever be aware of anything?

I was the one acting out and being overly emotional and overly drunk and overly aggressive with my words. One time when I was a teen, I became deeply fixated on my ex's ex.

" Kate* moaned to us on a cloudy Sunday afternoon, her faded denim-blue eyes welling up with tears. Like a neglected stray kitten shivering behind a dumpster in an alleyway. One time I was dating a girl who was so insanely jealous all of the time, I would get very real anxiety about telling her little things about my day.

Her shaky hands lit a long, skinny cigarette as all four of us stared into our boot buckles, unsure of what to say next. Our babe Kate might be wildly narcissistic and totally self-obsessed, but dumb she is not. I knew she would jump down my throat and question me like a police officer over every single detail about what had happened.

Keeping your partner from finding true love is the most toxic thing you can do.

It's putting a chokehold over one of the most precious parts of life: their love life.

I could feel my fingers finally curl around the pack of cigarettes in my purse.

Article coming soon about our responsibility as avoiders in this dynamic).

She looked so vulnerable sitting on the park bench like that, her thin legs haphazardly crossed, a little 90-pound waif with eyes the size of saucers, hair so bleached out it frayed at the tips, bee-stung Angelina lips and pale yellow skin. She was the kind of girl that skinny-armed boys with tattoos and guitars wrote songs about. If I told her I was hanging out with friends, she would conclude that I was cheating on her with my ex.

She had a complicated-but-chic anxiety about her that men couldn't seem to get enough of. I got into the habit of keeping things from her, just to not get yelled at (however I own that I was horribly toxic for letting her treat me that way.

Why was I so triggered by her nasty, toxic behavior toward some random dude I hardly knew or cared about? And the truth sets you free every single time, right?

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