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Now I have installed the update and used it for a while, and will give my thoughts about the changes made by the new firmware version. First, you should have the camera’s battery fully charged, or use the appropriate AC adapter, which is model number AC-5VX from Fujifilm, or the equivalent from a third-party manufacturer.

If you use the AC adapter, you also need the DC Coupler, model number CP-95, as discussed in Appendix A of You also need to have a newly formatted memory card that can hold the firmware upgrade file, which is about 26 megabytes in size.

Images taken with the s RGB color space (the more common choice for everyday photography) normally have the file prefix DSCF, and images taken with the Adobe RGB color space normally have the file prefix _DSF (an underscore symbol before the letters DSF).

Using the Edit File Name command, you can change the DSCF prefix to any other combination of four letters and/or numbers.

You can change the _DSF prefix to any other combination of the underscore and three letters and/or numbers.

For purposes of this discussion, I will assume you are using the s RGB color space, which ordinarily uses the DSCF prefix.

To carry out the upgrade, you need to download the upgrade file from the Fujfilm web site, using this link: DAT, to your computer, saving it to the Desktop, Downloads folder, or other location where you can easily find it.

Then insert the formatted memory card into a card reader connected to your computer, and copy the FPUPDATE.

Ryan Mense is a professional photographer and Fstoppers editor based in the Twin Cities.

His images are characterized by vibrant colors and uncomplicated, meaningful compositions that strongly translate in publication and fine art printing.

Below are listed the official release notes for every new firmware update along with a link to the download page.

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