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There is no evidence that either application does this, nor is there any evidence that either application interferes with web browsers in any way. There is no evidence to show that the Plaxo or applications deliberately compromise security, however there is a risk with any internet-enable application and as a general rule you should never allow untested applications onto your corporate network. It appears that both Plaxo and Bebo store personally identifiable information on servers based in the United States.Under European Union law (and laws of some other countries) it is unlawful to export personal data used for business purposes to another country unless the subject has consented to this, or unless you are registered to do so.When I update my contact details you will see them in your address book. Please take a moment to update your latest contact information.

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There is no evidence whatsoever that these applications use any underhand technique to install themselves on PCs.

This means that if you find Plaxo or Bebo on a computer, then the user installed it themselves (despite whatever protests they may make that they haven't been installing unauthorised applications). When evaluating free software this is the first question you should ask.

Plaxo in particular is extremely assertive at protecting its reputation and appears to regularly trawl the web looking for sites critical of their application, or alternatively is very keen to address concerns of potential users in a transparent fashion. within a week of publishing this article - you can read Plaxo's response at the bottom of the page.] Let's assume that you are reading this article because you are technically savvy - you are probably a webmaster, a corporate mail administrator or work in IT support.

First of all, it depends what you mean by spyware - this is a term that is used a lot and it covers a variety of different applications.

All seamlessly, in the background, securely in the cloud.

After you create an OAB or modify OAB settings, the changes aren't available to users until the OAB generation (OABGen) process has completed.In the Offline Address Book dialog box, make sure that the Download changes since last Send/Receive check box is checked and click OK.c267946021d20 I am using a service that keeps contact details current, just update your own contact details and then the changes appear in selected friends' address books.and Birthday Alarm LLC have a different business model - the original "Birthday Alarm" service is a traffic generator for a fairly ad-heavy website, so it's quite possible that Birthday Alarm LLC will use Bebo as a traffic driver in the way they are doing so already. There is no evidence that either Plaxo or are installed without the express consent of their users.In our experience, the users must explicitly download the software and agree to the licence agreement.It is possible that in some countries this export of data would be unlawful and possibly make you liable to criminal proceedings.

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