Updating outdated dark wood trim in older house

If it makes you feel better, in the comments of the article, a woman named Traci (I’m guessing the homeowner) explained:75% of the painted wood is new to match the small amount of original architectural detail.

The original stained Douglas fir wood only existed in the living room, dining room and inglenook (before we reconfigured the spaces) and was in terrible condition and needed some serious fixing.

Five-inch composite base typically costs /linear ft., so you could replace the baseboard in a 10-by-15-ft. Add trim Nothing glams up a room faster than some well-placed trim. (much higher for intricate designs) for mahogany, cherry, or walnut. Generally, place chair rails one-third of the way up from the floor, or install them where the backs of your chairs hit the wall.

Visit the article by Lisa Boone for more before and after photos, as well as more details about the reno.

Constituents of historic paint Oil-based and water-based paints Pre-1875 paints Factory-made paints after 1875 20th century paints Paint investigation Choosing a treatment Identifying deteriorated and damaged paint surfaces Choosing modern paint types / finish coats Applying interior paints Summary Taking it further The paint Americans used in the past is undeniably part of a technological and commercial record.

She told the that her mission was to update it to better suit a young family: I wanted the home to feel personal and fresh.

It was to have a clean, whimsical and modern aesthetic while allowing the architecture to have a strong presence.

But beyond that, the colors we have chosen and continue to select for our interior living and working spaces--bright and exuberant, purposefully somber, or a combination of hues--reflect our nation's cultural influences and our individual and collective spirit.

Paint color is a simple, direct expression of the time, and of taste, values, and mood.

Add, replace, and repair wood trim to spruce up dull rooms and increase the value of your home.

Repairs range from simple cleaning to paint touchups. And additions—chair rails, crown molding, and base built-ups—turn ho-hum walls into eye-catchers.

Some readers It looked a lot smaller with those dark and muddy colors, that’s for sure.

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