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Apparently Microchip has made the open design intentionally, see it as the way to boost using the popularity PIC microprocessors.With such simplicity of design it is easy to build a clone version.After upgrading my PC I have realized that parallel port became legacy these days, as the most of new PC motherboards do not have it all.

The Sure Electronics is making a good clone and it comes with ICSP cables, see the Products page.

My first PIC programmer was Melabs EPIC device with parallel port interface.

The programmer can be assigned a Unit ID to identify it uniquely.

After the fresh firmware programming the device applet is always showing the funny ID “ID= OIHoss”.

It could be reset to not-assigned or set to any value by selecting “Tools Calibrate VDD & Set Unit ID” menu, see picture below.

Calibration allows greater the VDD voltage accuracy.

================================================================= = NOTE: This list shows support for the PICkit 2 Programmer = = software application.

It does not show support for using the = = PICkit 2 within MPLAB IDE.

Because of that it is easy to build a clone version of the original device.

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