Updating xml in sql

These sections outline problems that can arise when designing and deploying Web services in the enterprise environment, and examine the limitations of Info Path forms based on Web services.

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But it only updates the first occurrence of each row and in my case there can be many occurrences on a row. or do I have to run it several times and change the [1] to [2] and so on?

/Kaunda Originally posted by Kaunda Thanks a lot, it works pretty good right now!

Info Path accesses only Web services that are described using the Document/Literal style in their WSDL.

The WS-I Basic Profile requires Document/Literal type Web services and prohibits the use of RPC/Encoded Web services.

When you want to deploy Web services in the enterprise environment for client computers with Info Path, and also offer a solution for those computers that do not have Info Path installed, you can develop an ASP.

NET application that mimics some of the functionality of Info Path.

The Web service uses the method to accept changes to the records.

Both methods are used in the Info Path form template and the ASP.

NET Web application, giving each solution the ability to edit the database records.

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