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This analysis compared the baseline risk profiles of participants in an HIV prevention intervention (‘active recruitment’) to their chat room peers who did not participate in the intervention (‘passive recruitment’).

Data were collected using an online brief risk assessment from MSM ( = 448) who were recruited within Internet chat rooms. Half self-identified as Black or African American, 29% as White and 64% as gay.

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This partnership serves as a catalyst for identifying priorities and approaches to meet locally identified HIV/AIDS prevention and care needs.

Guided by partnership principles, including agreement on mission and sharing resources and decision-making responsibilities, the partnership has prioritized CBPR to promote a co-learning and empowering process that moves beyond communities ‘informing’ or offering ‘consultation’.

Private IM is often used for detailed discussions between chatters that may include getting to know one another and determining whether and how to meet in person for social and/or sexual contact.

This analysis is based on baseline data from Cyber-Based Education and Referral/Men for Men (Cy BER/M4M), a chat room-based HIV prevention outreach intervention that was developed using community-based participatory research (CBPR).

Data were collected using a revised version of the assessment used in the partnership's previous assessment and intervention research [23].

Development and revision of the assessment was iterative with partners negotiating and agreeing on a version that was sufficient to collect necessary data yet concise to ensure completion by the target community.

Access to the assessment for this group did not require a password.

An Internet chat room is a channel of synchronous dialogue between computer users connected through a network of computers.

This speed differentiates chat-room dialogue from asynchronous computer-mediated communication methods such as electronic mail and newsgroups [3].

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