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Liquid Fuels: Conversion of coal into liquid fuels (Bargius process & Fischer Tropsch process and mechanism, Petrolum: its chemical composition and Fractional distillation, Cracking of heavy oil residues: thermal cracking and catalytic cracking, Knocking-chemical structure and knocking: Octane and Cetane number and their significance, Power alcohol.

iii)Basic concepts & Terminology, such as monomers, Polymers, Functionality, Thermoplastics, Thermosets, Linear, Branched, cross linked polymers etc.

Mathematical Preliminaries, Formulation of the Problem and Solution by Graphical method, The simplex Method, Dual problem formulation and Solution, Application to Transportation and Assignment Problems. Switching technologies, multiplexing, circuit switching, packet switching X.25, frame relax, SMDs ATM, B-ISDN, traffic matrix, traffic pattern calculations, performance issues of packet networks, delay, availability and reliability Campus network design, leased line and radio modems, DDR & ISDN Access Network design, X.25 remote access network design, Frame-relay interfaces & traffic shaping VSAT & WLAN network design. Telecommunications transmission : Basic Switching System, Simple Tele-phone Communication, evolution of switching systems -Stroger swithching systems, cross bar switching , Electronic Switching Space Division Switching, Time Division Switching Time Division space switching, Time Division Time Switching, Time multiplexed space switching, Time multiplexed Time Switching, Combination Switching.

Data Storage: Primary and Secondary storage, Introduction to various computer devices such as keyboard, mouse, printers, disk files, floppies etc.

Concept of computing, contemporary, Operating Systems such as DOS, Windows95, UNIX etc. Introduction to organization and architecture of mainframe, mini and micro systems.

Concept of sequentially following up the steps of a algorithm.

Notion of program, programmability and programming languages, Structure of programs, Object codes, compilers.

ODEs of first order: Method of separation of variables, homogeneous and nonhomogeneous equations, exactness and integrating factors, linear equations and Bernoulli equations, General linear ODEs of nth order: solutions of homogeneous and nonhomogenous equations, operator method, method of undermined coefficients and variation of parameters, Solutions of simple simultaneous ODEs.

Power series method of solution of DE, Legendres Equation, Legendres Polynomials, Bessels equation, Bessels function.The student will submit a synopsis at the beginning of the semester for approval from the departmental committee in a specified format.The student will have to present the progress of the work through seminars and progress reports.General Importance, Significance and scope of engineering drawing, Lettering, Dimensioning, Scales, Sense of proportioning, Different types of projections, Orthographic projections, B. Projections of Plane Figures Different cases of plane figures (of different shapes) making different angles with one or both reference planes and lines lying in the plane figures making different given angles (with one or both reference planes).Obtaining true shape of the plane figure by projection.Complex Variables: Curves and Regions in the Complex Plane, Complex Functions, Limits, Derivative, Analytic Function, Cauchy-Riemann Equations, Laplaces Equation, Rational, Exponential, Trigonometric, Hyperbolic Functions, Linear Fractional Transformations, Conformal Mapping, Complex Line Integral, Cauchys Integral Theorem, Cauchys Integral Formula, Derivatives of Analytic Function, Power Series, Taylor Series, Laurent Series, Methods of obtaining Power Series, Analyticity at Infinity, Zeroes, Singularities, Residues, Residue Theorem, Evaluation of Real Integrals.

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