dating people shy - Validating username and password from database using servlet

Thanks in advance.package action.form; // Add the path of the package means where Loginaction Form saved import org.apache.struts.action.Action Form; public class Loginaction Form extends Action Form { private String username; private String password; public String get Username() public void set Username(String username) public String get Password() public void set Password(String password) Can't help you with the Java/My SQL specific stuff, but the logic of your SQL should check that the input user/password values match the ones in the database i.e. Duplicate Entry To Database I have a servlet that adds data to the table called foodtype in (Ms Access).

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Hi I need to validate my user-id and password with servlet and jsp concept , iam using My SQL database.

Iam new to development field, please anyone help me to do validation with example and explanation.

Enter the username and password in text boxes and click on login button.

i already have Chinese, vegetarian entered in table.

We could have opted for Jdbc Token Repository Impl [this post demonstrates the Remember Me with Jdbc Token Repository Impl], but since we are using Hibernate in our application, why not create a custom implementation using Hibernate instead of using JDBC?

Temporal Type; @Entity @Table(name="PERSISTENT_LOGINS") public class Persistent Login implements Serializable package; import Http Session; /** * Servlet implementation class Search Servlet */ public class Search Servlet extends Http Servlet The first thing that you are doing wrong is putting Java code in a JSP. In that servlet, a new error page will be displayed if the username or password are wrong. Using them to process the submission is an egregious abuse of the technology. I created HTML page and servlet for login page and to display the user details. You should write SQL queries in such way that it returns exactly the data you're looking for.This post demonstrates a complete application with complete code. How can I connect these two pages and display the error message if the login details are incorrect or it should display the user details if the login details are correct.

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