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The main configuration file is and located in the directory in which you installed

If you renamed the executable file to say Cumulus1.exe, then this main configuration file takes that name i.e. For Cumulus MX, both file-names must start with a capital letter, and all the characters used within the configuration file must be within ASCII range.

Brief details of such changes will be given in the support forum announcement for the relevant build.

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When Cumulus 1.x.y is run for the very first time, the Station settings screen within the Configuration menu is displayed, so that the basic minimum settings can be entered into a 'Cumulus.ini' that it will then create.

Should you accidentally delete this would happen again, so it is always best to take a backup of the complete Cumulus directory and sub-directories so nothing is lost in such a situation.

If you spot a parameter that is missing from this list (check you are looking in the right section, and under the correct sub-heading where a section is sub-divided for ease of using this article), then please add it to this Wiki article.

None of the authors who have contributed so far can claim completeness.

Installing a new build of Cumulus (whatever version) over the existing installation does not affect this settings file. If Cumulus software detects a 'Cumulus.ini' when it starts, it looks in that for settings; if it does not find the file, then Cumulus will expect you to tell it some settings, others have defaults.

See Cumulus Help, release announcement, and other provided documentation for more.

CURRENTLY CUMULUS MX specific parameters are listed on Cumulus.ini(Beta) page.

If you are using a beta build, there may be changes to the information shown below with additional sections and/or additional parameters (attribute=value) under test.

In many cases this is by using Station Configuration Screen, but if the parameter line does not exist in your file, then insert it using a file editor as per instructions above.

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