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There is a 20mm tube inside of a 36mm tube to insure all of the light is properly distributed with no individual LED’s viewable.

I’ll add photos when installed…My 400lb mailbox: This one is hard to explain.

The other 95% is marketing, sales, reverse logistics, positioning, SW, etc., etc.

in 24-hour business cards, posters, flyers & leaflet printing.

I did this in Solidworks, flat patterned the design and then had a cabinet maker cut templates on a CNC router.

Then Alan Steel in Redwood city used a plasma torch to cut me the raw parts.

Email them on the address above or call them on 0191 27 27 327, no matter the query they’re always happy to help.

On this show we're joined by leading pro Adam Burton.

Our ambition is to deliver the best through technology, innovation, and development to ensure faster turnaround times, sharper pricing and a service that's worth talking about.

So next time you need print, think If you’re not sure about your artwork, you can check it for free!

This is a great chat with one of the most respected landscape photographers on the UK scene.

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