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Each of the Gospels receives its name from the human author who wrote it.Though this first Gospel, as with each of the Gospels, never names its author, the universal testimony of the early church is that the apostle Matthew wrote it, and our earliest textual witnesses attribute it to him by giving it the title, “According to Matthew” (Kata Matthaion).

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If so, why did the religious leaders fail to receive Him and why didn’t He establish the promised kingdom? Thus, Matthew is addressed primarily to a Jewish audience to show them that this Jesus is the long-awaited Messiah.

This is seen in Jesus’ genealogy (1:1-17); the visit of the Magi (2:1-12); His entry into Jerusalem (21:5); the judgment of the nations (-46); the often mentioning of the “kingdom of heaven” as is common with the other Gospels, and in the Old Testament fulfillment quotations mentioned previously.

Further, to show that this Jesus fulfills expectations of the Old Testament, ten times he specifically stresses that what happened in the life of Jesus fulfills the Old Testament.

Further, he uses more Old Testament quotations and allusions than any other book of the New Testament, some 130 times.

The Gospels give us God’s portrait of the person and work of Christ with four distinct pictures. Luke strongly stresses the true humanity of Christ while also declaring His deity.

In Sidlow Baxter’s Explore the Book, he calls our attention to the interesting similarity between the vision in Ezekiel and the Gospels, though he does not suggest the four living creatures were a type of the Gospels. Some believe that Luke particularly had the Greeks in mind because of their keen interest in human philosophy.

This means 60 percent of the New Testament is directly historical tracing the roots and historical development of Christianity. It is good news, information derived from the witness of others. “The gospel is news that something has happened—something that puts a different face upon life.

What that something is is told us in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

The New Testament, then, is a historical book of the Good News of the living God at work in human history, not just in the past, but in the living present and the future in light of the promises of God.

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