White girl dating black guy problems

To me, Will's excuse for not dating black women felt like just that — an excuse.

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Yet, when she spoke of her own dating history, it turns out that Rachel has only really ever dated black men.

And I can say that from my own experience, I've only ever dated black men as well.

We’re very quick to tell each other to get over something that still has widespread ramifications that unjustly hinder pockets of society. I’ve dated the rainbow and encourage everyone to love who loves them for who they are.

And, yes, White men are in pockets of society that face unjust ramifications that are in no way their fault nor deserved. My long-winded answer is to provide context as to why some Black women, like women on the maternal side of my family, have very negative views on seeing a Black man with a White woman.

But because Rachel, as well as myself, had similar experiences growing up, we weren't buying it.

Just like Will, Rachel also found herself going to schools where there was a shortage of black guys to choose from.

So yes — I, too, grew up in places to where sometimes I was one of 100 black students in the entire school district.

And just like Rachel, I've still only really ever dated black men.

It's only an issue when someone dates outside their race — more specifically, black men choosing not to date black women — and intentionally deprecates the value of women who look like their mother, sister, aunts, etc., because they don't uphold a certain standard of beauty.

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