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Just make a one-off donation of at least £20/€25 to a charity of your choice.

The album is a lot like Lee himself: easygoing, amiable, and hard not to like, but with a seriousness lurking beneath the surface.

Its earthy, inviting soul-folk sound pulls together the influence of artists from the early 1970s, his favorite period of music, such as soul singers Donny Hathaway and Bill Withers, and songwriters John Prine and James Taylor.

At a downtown restaurant, wearing his trademark scraggly beard and porkpie hat, Lee savored a vegetarian meal and sampled a Belgian beer that has the same name as a club in London he played the prior week: Troubadour.

In a quiet falsetto, he sang along to Otis Redding's .

"I don't have a place." Ever since Norah Jones came calling a year ago, "have guitar, will travel" has been the abiding philosophy for Lee, 27, who grew up in the Philadelphia area.

Then last March, Lee gave up his apartment in the city, quit his part-time job tending bar at the cozy Tin Angel nightclub and hit the road, opening for his Blue Note label-mate before big crowds who had no idea who he was.

Online dating is growing rapidly in popularity because it is easy and the success rates are extremely high.

Disabled people in society were generally viewed with sadness and pity because people believed in much of their life was over and there was no hope for them to ever lead a happy life.

Growing up, he didn't have any aspirations to write or perform.

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