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In 1954, in Beachhead, alongside Tony Curtis, she played a French planter’s daughter in the Pacific who is rescued by marines during the Second World War.

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Her early film roles were minor bit parts; in The Lemon Drop Kid (1951), starring Bob Hope, she uttered the line: “I’m sorry, I haven’t got any change.” But while Main Street to Broadway (1953) did little at the box-office, it did serve to bring her to the attention of the director Laslo Benedek, who was looking to cast a relative unknown in the role of Kathie Bleeker in The Wild One (1953).

“Benedek said he would like to offer me the part, but I’d have to first meet Marlon ”, she remembered in 2010.

Classes run for the course of the month and dances change each month, with the exception of Wednesday at PM, which changes weekly.

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In 1957 she was sent to England to play the female lead in The Intimate Stranger, opposite Richard Basehart, and on her return discovered that her contract had been terminated.

She took the lead in Live Fast, Die Young (1958), played a prostitute in Crime and Punishment (1959), and returned to England to film The Electric Monster (1960), in which she narrowly escapes death at a hypnosis clinic.

It’s the perfect aerobic workout that will help you burn those holiday and winter pounds, and learn some of the basics of ballroom dance and rhythm! Carlos Barrionuevo and partner Mayte Valdez are the number one Tangueros in the Pacific Southwest.

Sexy and beautiful, the Argentine Tango is a must to learn.

Later, [the screenwriter] John Paxton asked, 'How did it go?

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