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The season mostly deals with insanity, with other themes including female sexuality, corrupt ambition, religion versus science, racism, prejudice, death, and faith.Set in the year 2013, the season follows the dwindling descendants of the witches who survived the Salem Witch Trials and their struggle to hide their identity in the modern world.

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At Briarcliff, Kit meets the other patients, many of whom claim to be unjustly institutionalized, including nymphomaniac Shelley (Chloe Sevigny), and the unassuming Grace (Lizzie Brocheré) from France, who appears to be harboring a deep secret of her own.

Believed to be a violent serial killer, he becomes the subject of interest of pragmatic psychiatrist Dr.

The first season, retroactively subtitled Murder House, takes place in Los Angeles, California, during the year 2011 and centers on a family that moves into a house haunted by its deceased former occupants.

The second season, subtitled Asylum, takes place in Massachusetts during the year 1964 and follows the stories of the patients and staff of an institution for the criminally insane.

The Harmons' lives are troubled by the meddling Langdons, as well as by the disfigured Larry (Denis O'Hare), a former resident of the mansion who is secretly in love with Constance, and the scorned Hayden (Kate Mara), Ben's student who follows him to Los Angeles and is pregnant from their affair.

Ben and Vivien try to rekindle their relationship as Violet, suffering from depression, finds comfort with Tate (Evan Peters), one of her father's mysterious patients who is plagued by violent dreams.

Kit Walker (Evan Peters), accused of being prolific serial killer "Bloody Face" after the disappearance of his wife but claiming that his wife was abducted by aliens, is incarcerated at Briarcliff.

This piques the interest of ambitious journalist Lana Winters (Sarah Paulson), who is yearning to find a story for her big break.

Oliver Thredson (Zachary Quinto) and the sadistic Dr.

Arthur Arden (James Cromwell), the latter of whom routinely conducts scientific operations on patients.

The family soon discovers that the home is haunted by the ghosts of anyone who has ever died on the property.

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