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All other names needing resolved will use the default name resolution method.

If a computer from Dulce Base attempts to contact a computer in USSHQ it is unable to resolve the name. Once the DNS administrator completes the configuration on the USSHQ.

windows dns forward lookup zone not updating-41

This is similar to the steps followed previously, right-click the “ Leave “dynamic updates” to its defaults and finish the wizard.

In the next few steps we’ll be creating records for this zone, this is where steps for users with NAT and public IP differ.

One option for name resolution is to use a DNS Secondary Zone.

DNS Secondary Zones in each domain will be configured to allow for the resolution to occur for other organization namespace.

settings can be anything but NOT the loopback IP address ( because we’re setting up an authoritative only DNS server and not a recursive one.

In the following screenshot I’ve set it to the IP address of my gateway device as it functions as a DNS forwarder also.

Open the properties of the NS record and edit the name server entry in it.

If your server has a directly assigned public IP then editing the FQDN alone if enough, set it to something like dns1.

While creating records for the domain always remember to use only public IP addresses.

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