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All of those people have been absorbed into the masses of every day life.

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Store everything from beer to cold cuts in one of these bad boys.

I used to exclusively keep soda in my fridge that was solely used for mixers. Number 1 – Bluetooth Sound System Some days, music is preferred over the sound of a blaring television.

They’re generally loud, over the top and expect people to swoon over every thing they say or for you to accommodate them no matter what’s going on in your own life.

Yes, there are going to be groups and clicks, and people who fall into those stereotypes we all pretend to hate – but the likelihood that those people will play a part in your life is slim to none. Change may seem scary at first, but ultimately, it’s a new chance or beginning; and in those instances it’s a window into endless possibility. More importantly, don’t let yourself get in the way.

While poker tables are awesome in their own right, any standard folding table can be used to play poker. Cook up all of the burgers, hotdogs and chicken that you want without ever leaving the room.

Number 6 – Mini Grill Going back and forth between kitchen and Man Cave can become a pain in the ass. Number 5 – Wall Decor Signs are a great way to bring out the overall theme of your Man Cave.Number 10 – Big-Ass TV No Man Cave is complete without a huge TV.I don’t care if you’re into watching Yankee games or the latest episode of True Detective.It’s where you can watch sports games in peace while drinking your face off.It’s the place to display that Junior High basketball trophy with pride! The problem is that not all of us live in these amazing places like those seen in “I Love You Man”, where everything from a drum kit to a fridge can be set up.) Regardless, a mini putting range is a great piece of entertainment to add to your Man Cave that is inexpensive and can be stored anywhere.

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