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You may be creating a relationship that is destined for failure and failing is not helpful to the recovering addict.Furthermore, a romantic or sexual relationship may take your attention away from your recovery.

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While going through this in rehab, you will be around people who do understand you, who empathize with your position and who are feeling the same things you are.

It is only natural to form bonds and connections with these people, your fellow recovering addicts.

There are many reasons, most experts would say, not to attempt to form any romantic attachments.

Experts in the addiction and recovery fields are largely against romantic relationships forming during rehab, or even for up to a year afterward.

You need the support of people who care about you as well as healthy relationships with your caretakers, therapist, and health care workers in order to be successful in becoming and staying sober.

However, as you recover, these relationships may be more about helping you than striking a balance between give and take.If an X sperm fertilizes an X egg, the fetus will be female.If a Y sperm fertilizes the X egg, the fetus will be male.I still am in love with him, but I feel like if I keep dating him then I'm a lesbian. But aren’t the terms just different words for the same thing? Sex refers to a person's biological maleness or femaleness.Females typically have XX chromosomes and males typically have XY chromosomes.So if you have an FTM partner, you could definitely identify as straight, even if he has biologically female anatomy, since his gender identity is male. Don't hold back because of the way he was born.

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