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There are 40 different terrorist groups in that region.

We have to acknowledge the enormity of the problem.

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It was The Exorcist and it was an adults only show at this film club in my hometown Borhapjan in Assam,’’ remembers Reema Kagti.

“I got the fright of my life and started screaming.

Reema Kagti is riding high after the success of her film Talaash.

She talks to Shai Venkataraman about her film, her commitment to the Northeast where she comes from, and her distaste for the term ‘woman director’ I was eight years old when I saw my first horror film.

the movies have offered stories about universal emotions - such as romance and loss, family and sacrifice - and lent them an escapist quality by setting them in the sparkling, enormous mansions and the shiny left-hand-drive convertibles of the colossally rich.

Zoya Akhtar's does the same, attempting to update the template for the cynical multiplex era.I ran towards my mother who was sitting somewhere in the dark and she dragged me out of the room.’’ Kagti laughs as she recounts the story, and the look of exhaustion on her face dissolves momentarily.Clad in her trademark jeans, T-shirt and jacket ensemble, the petite Kagti looks in desperate need of sleep.I believe my struggles are not connected with my gender but with the themes that I want to explore.They are alternative, hatke se and that is my struggle.’’ A subject that’s especially close to her heart now is the trouble in the Northeast.It is also about loss, relationships and the paranormal. I grit my teeth and can’t wait for the flight to land and run out of the plane and kiss the tarmac,’’ she laughs.

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